Jack of the Wood

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Jack of the Wood is one of the most special food & drink destinations in Asheville. This Irish pub, with its authentic food, local beers, and great live music is a must-visit.

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Joanne O'Sullivan


A local institution for over 15 years, Jack of the Wood is a cozy Irish pub with an Asheville twist. It's the original home of Greenman Brewing, which is a local favorite itself, and as such, serves Greenman brews as well as plenty of other local beers. The pub grub features traditional Irish fare like bangers and mash, beef stew, and fish & chips, but they also source fresh, local ingredients and have vegetarian options.
Jack of the Wood also has a great live music scene, notably the Sunday night Irish jam session and Thursday night bluegrass jam. House band "Sons of Ralph" plays newgrass most Saturday nights, and the pub also sometimes draws bigger acts. 
On nice afternoons, you'll find the door propped open and folks drinking and people watching at the outdoor bench out front. Since this place is a favorite with the local outdoors crowd, you may even overhear some good tips on where to go next. Or ask your friendly server or bartender. There are darts in the back, long tables for big groups, and a generally friendly and laid-back atmosphere. 

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Jack of the Wood

95 Patton Ave
Asheville, NC, 28801
35.594289, -82.556224

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