Outdoor Stores in Asheville, NC

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Western Carolina Kayaking

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for paddlers of all skill levels to meet other paddlers for flat water and whitewater paddling. We would like to provide opportunities for learning paddling skills through venues such as pool classes (to practice rolling and rescue techniques).
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Asheville Outdoor Club South

OUTDOOR CLUB SOUTH is the largest, most active, and fun outdoor club in the South! Our members love to hike, bike, & paddle throughout the beautiful South and beyond.
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Asheville Mountain Biking Meetup Group

The Asheville Mountain Biking Meetup Group is a networking group specifically setup to get people together that enjoy the sport of mountain biking. It is a way of introducing people to new areas and new trails. It is an opportunity to be around others who can share what they have learned and everyone can gain new skills and confidence in the sport. We will be offering rides for all individuals, beginners to advanced, children to senior citizens. Everyone is welcome and no one will be left behind on appropriately attended rides!
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The Asheville Hiking Group

Interested in taking a short, long, or somewhere in the middle length hike/stroll in western North Carolina? Look no further!!! Everything from a quick (3-4 hour) hike to a full day of hiking to overnight backpacking trips, we'll try it all! Check us out and experience the pristine and amazing wilderness of western North Carolina!!!
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