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  1. The Panther Creek Trail

    The Panther Creek hike is renowned as one of the best in all of Georgia, offering 7 miles of easy hiking with a swimming hole at the end.

  2. Yonah Mountain

    The Yonah Mountain Trail is short yet strenuous, with over 1,400 feet in elevation gain over a mere 2.3 miles and full of giant boulders and dense vegetation.

  3. Half Moon Outfitters Athens

    Half Moon Outfitters in Athens, GA is a fantastic resource for people who like to play outside.

  4. Wild Intelligence

    Wild Intelligence is a nonprofit organization located in Athens whose goal is to connect humans to nature through the use of community and environmental involvement.

  5. Terrapin Beer Company

    For 13 years Terrapin Beer Company has proudly served its long list of inventive, award-winning brews to the Athens community and beyond.

  6. Ted's Most Best

    Ted’s Most Best offers artisanal Italian cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients in a great downtown Athens setting.

  7. The James E. Edmond Trail

    The James E. Edmond Trail is a 7.2 mile loop that offers sweeping mountain vistas, rushing creeks and thick forest foliage in North Georgia.

  8. Ideal Bagel Co.

    Ideal Bagel Co. offers good java, fast and sincere service, and locally made breads and bagels—what else could an Athens townie ask for?

  9. Hendershot's Coffee and Bar

    Athens' Hendershot’s Coffee and Bar has a profound ability to make anyone feel right at home, offering good coffee, food, and nightlife.

  10. Creature Comforts Brewing Company

    The Creature Comforts Brewery has peerlessly set the bar for providing refreshing beer and excellent service in the Athens community.

  11. The White Tiger

    The White Tiger is bringing it back to the basics with its simple selection of hearty local Southern cuisine and succulent barbeque dishes.

  12. Athfest

    Athfest is a celebration of local music within the Athens community, and it consistently ranks as one of the best summer festivals in the country.

  13. The Athens Farmers Market

    The Athens Farmers Market not only sells fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies, but also fosters a sense of community and sustainability.

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