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A leisurely bike ride along the Big Creek Greenway makes for traffic-free cycling on a relatively flat paved trail that runs alongside the Big Creek.

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8.0 miles

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21.7 miles


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2 hours

30 minutes to 2 hours


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Big Creek Greenway



The Big Creek Greenway ribbons through 8.3 miles of Alpharetta and Roswell, leading you alongside the Big Creek and taking you over bridges, past meadows, ponds and nature trails. The paved trail has a minimal grade, so you can set into a comfortable, consistent pace. Once you’re on the trail, you feel immersed in nature, and  you can focus on getting in your miles for the day, without the distractions that are common on roads.

Throughout your ride, you’ll find convenient stops at parking lots with bathrooms and water, and along the trail you can take a break at one of the many benches situated along the path.

What Makes It Great

It’s rare to find a trail like this that is so crowded with other active people, yet peaceful. As you cycle alongside Big Creek, keep an eye out for ducks splashing in the pond. In winter, the trees are thin and it’s easier to see through the thinning trees and into the creek, the meadows or the woods. On quiet mornings, you can even catch a glimpse of deer- a group of deer have been known to graze in a pasture between Rock Mill Park and Haynes Bridge Road.  In summer, the trees create a canopy of shade that provides a reprieve from the heat. Just after Mansell Road when you’re heading into Roswell, keep an eye out for the hiking trails. They’re a good break from the saddle. The trails are short and switchbacks carve the side of a large slope.

Make an afternoon of the Big Creek Greenway- after your ride, stop for lunch on one of the benches, or at Rock Mill Park, where there are plenty of picnic tables. Ponds are buzzing with wildlife in spring, and the cattails sway in the breeze.

Who is Going to Love It

This is more of a leisurely cycling route, because your maximum speed cannot exceed 15 miles per hour. If you’re looking for a recovery ride, or you’re a female riding alone, you can feel comfortable because the path is in a safe suburban neighborhood. Compared to Silver Comet Trail, another paved trail in Atlanta, the Greenway is shorter and populated throughout the entire path. You’ll find more S-shaped curves and bridge crossings on this path, which break up your speed.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There are 6 access points for Alpharetta and Roswell’s section of the Greenway. A list of trailheads can be found here. Parking at all lots is free of charge. You’ll find bathroom facilities at all the trailheads except Haynes Bridge Road. We recommend starting at Rock Mill Park, where a bike service station to pump your tires or do general bike maintenance is located outside the bathrooms. Dogs are welcomed if leashed. Adhere to the trail rules: pedestrians have right of way and you must always stay to the left. The maximum speed limit for cycling is 15 miles per hour.

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Big Creek Greenway

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