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The Rico Starr Loop is a very scenic and peaceful option for those looking for a cycling route outside the perimeter, with very little traffic to dodge. This ride is great for novices and experienced cyclists alike, as it is mostly a flat ride. This is also a great opportunity to explore the quaint little community of Serenbe, which can easily become an all-day affair. Be sure to check out Peachtree Bikes while you're there!

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Rico Starr Loop



The ever popular Rico Starr Loop begins in the quaint, peaceful area of Serenbe, located in the beautiful Chatthoochee Hills, and is devoid of excessive traffic. If you love being able to ride on the street and be around nature, you’ll love this one! 

What Makes It Great

Located about 30 miles from the heart of Atlanta, this route takes you through the small, sparsely populated cities of Chattahoochee Hills and Palmetto. It boasts some gorgeous views along the way, as you ride through several wooded areas, alongside huge open fields filled with beautiful wildflowers, and plenty of farmland. This is one of those rides where you will literally be tempted to stop and smell the roses. 

The homes and barns that can be seen along the way are a mixture of both new and old; some dilapidated, and some sparkling and new, with no real rhyme or reason. The Rico Starr Loop is a great ride if you’re looking for something more scenic and relaxing, or just a place where you don’t have to worry about dodging traffic as you would closer to Atlanta. The small population in the area makes it extremely peaceful and quiet, which anyone will appreciate. Most of the pavement along the way is very smooth, and conducive to a very serene ride; however, there are a few bumpy spots on these country roads, but nothing excessively jarring. The peaceful ride makes the occasional bumpiness and the drive out there absolutely worth it.

Who is Going to Love It

This ride is very suitable for novices, experts and both the young and old alike. It is great for anyone looking for an escape from the ever-busy, highly trafficked area of Atlanta. Be sure to pack a water bottle, as there aren’t many places to stop along this route once you exit the Serenbe community. This may quickly become one of your favorite cycling spots!

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

You can park on the street for free, right in front of Peachtree Bikes. If you’re there during business hours, feel free to stop in and check out their shop; the staff there is extremely friendly, and willing to answer any cycling questions you may have, and give you some pointers about the Rico Starr Loop, as many of them frequent it. The route will take you along Highway 70, but don’t be alarmed; it isn’t a dangerous roadway to cycle upon, as it is hardly ever inundated with cars, and the extra lanes provides a more comfortable space between you the infrequent passing cars.

Written by Danielle Tracy for RootsRated.

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