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This 3.14 mile loop around Atlanta's Georgia Tech campus is a very scenic and hilly run that offers a nice tour of the Georgia Tech campus and passes by all the school's athletic stadiums, Greek housing and the historic parts of campus. This is a great run in town, that many use to help prepare themselves for 5ks. Due to the hills, make sure to pace yourself, take it easy and enjoy the scenery!

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Danielle Tracy


3.0 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

1.8 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

1 hours

35-40 minutes


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


Fees Permits


Free on street, $2/hr at Student Center

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The Pi Mile



Georgia Tech's Tyler Brown Pi Mile is a challenging 3.14 mile loop that runs around Atlanta’s Georgia Tech campus, and is a great place to train for a 5k. This trail is named for an alumnus of the school who had a vision of creating a safe, well-lit place on campus for students to run during the early morning and evening hours. Tyler Brown was a former runner and ROTC member at the school, and was killed in combat while serving his country in Iraq.  As a result, Georgia Tech renamed the Pi Mile to honor Tyler in 2004.

What Makes It Great

You can choose to kick off your run either at the historic Tech Tower, which was built in 1888 and is the oldest surviving building on campus, or you can start at the Tech Gym. The route will take you all around campus, passing Tech’s Bobby Dodd Football Stadium, Russ Chandler Baseball Stadium, and the newly erected, stunning basketball stadium: the Hank McCamish Pavilion.  You’ll also run past many of the school’s impressive Greek houses, and the new AstroTurf field, where students often play frisbee and soccer.  The field is gentle and forgiving on your tired feet, and is a great option if you’re wanting to mix things up a bit, and take a break from the concrete (3.3 laps around the field equals one mile).

The entirety of the route (save the possible detour on the AstroTurf field) consists of sidewalks,so there is no worrying about having to dodge cars in this busy downtown area.  Some are smoother than others, but none are in bad shape, so your feet won’t be taking a beating.  The university has recently added some very helpful markers on the sidewalks to allow you keep track of the distance you’ve run, and to direct you; this addition has made it impossible to get lost in the area, which is great, because nobody wants to get lost in downtown Atlanta! 

Who is Going to Love It

Runners looking for a good loop that tours the campus; it's a great course for runners of all abilities. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Parking can prove to be a bit tricky around here, especially if you’re looking for free parking.  Free parking can be found at the Tech Gym, along Tech Parkway or in the close-by Home Park neighborhood, which is a little north of campus.  If you choose Home Park, be prepared for a short walk to get to the Pi Mile track; if you end up parking out there, you can use the short trek as a good warm-up opportunity.  Paid parking can be found at the Tech StudentCenter at $2 an hour.  This lot is along the route, so it’s preferable if you can’t find a spot by the gym and don’t feel like parking farther out.

Written by Danielle Tracy for RootsRated.

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Georgia Tech's Tyler Brown Pi Mile

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