24 Diner

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Fresh, local ingredients cooked into very inventive, unique dishes. The wild boar burger is just one meal that you won't soon forget the name (or taste) of.

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Taylor Reilly


Don't confuse 24 Diner with just any old late-night grease pit. The head chef is a culinary institute valedictorian -- so you're getting fresh, local ingredients cooked into real dishes. Chicken & waffles? Sure. Wild boar burger? Obviously. Real espresso before a morning run? Check.  24 Diner also has an extensive drink menu, gluten-free options, and more local meats and veggies than you can (roasted banana milk)shake a stick at. It's not truck-stop cheap, but you get way more food and quality than the prices would indicate. The only time they close is from 1-6 a.m. on Wednesdays -- presumably to brainstorm what special delicacy they're going to whip up next. 


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24 Diner

600 North Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX, 78703
30.271946, -97.754195

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