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If you're planning the perfect morning in Austin, then you need to include Juan Pelota Cafe on your list.

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Taylor Reilly


A unique feature of Lance Armstrong’s Mellow Johnny’s bike shop, Juan Pelota Cafe is a favorite coffee stop for any adventurer, athlete, tourist, or local who finds him or herself downtown. Before you write this one off because of the doping scandals surrounding Lance, please note that he named this coffee shop Juan Pelota because “Juan” sounds like “one” and “Pelota” is Spanish for “ball” – a shameless jab at his famously absent piece of anatomy after his bout with testicular cancer.

Juan Pelota makes great efforts to source and cooperate with many local favorites – don’t miss local energy bars by Bearded Brothers and Thunderbird Energetica. In addition to providing refreshments, one can also browse the Mellow Johnny’s bike shop, see some of Lance’s significant memorabilia, or even use a locker and shower to commute downtown.  If you’re planning a perfect morning, check the website and join a peloton for a shop ride finishing with the provisions of Juan Pelota.

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Juan Pelota Cafe

400 Nueces St.
Austin, TX, 78701
30.268109, -97.749269

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