Lamberts Barbecue

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Fancy Upscale BBQ that excels at happy hour and live music

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Brian Periman


Lamberts Barbecue is part of the old world feel with a new world twist. Located in a building built in 1873, the almost 10 year old restaurant offers about everything you can want at a BBQ joint. The main restaurant offers an upscale feel with classic BBQ and home cooking options, while the upstairs lounge is a great live music venue and a source for great happy hours.  Everything is great about Lamberts, but where it really shines is the happy hour. It has half price appetizers and $2 off drinks. I am always a proponent of paying for high quality food, but when you can get it half off is even better. For $6 you can get a chopped beef brisket sandwich and add a beer or cocktail for a few dollars more. The rest of the menu has some great food options, but none can top the chopped beef brisket sandwich. Other great options are deviled eggs, frito pie, a hanger steak, and several more. However, for a cheap relaxing dinner in a relaxed mood, go for the chopped beef sandwich. The specialty cocktail list is tempting from the top to the bottom. Either pick all the ingredients you like or tell your server what drinks you typically like. You might get lucky and get a drink made specifically for you!

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Lamberts Barbecue

401 W 2nd St, Austin
Austin, TX, 78701
30.265269, -97.747686

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