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Quite possibly one of the best Saturday Markets in the state, the Bellingham Farmer's Market is the ideal place to buy fresh, local produce, meat, and bread, handcrafted goods and clothing, or to snag some great meals from local vendors.

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Brian Bates


Who doesn't love a good Farmer's Market? And this one, located in the heart of downtown Bellingham, is the most popular spot to be on a weekend morning. Picture this: seven long rows of vendors outside, up to fifteen more vendors inside the Depot building, and entertainers staked all throughout. When the market season starts in April, all the way through summer and fall and up until Christmas, the Farmer's Market is Bellingham's bright spot.
The Saturday Market is the ideal spot to grab any sort of vegetable or fruit. From baskets of blueberries to every kind of apple imaginable, from kale and rhubarb to giant onions, anything one could cook or bake with can be found in the depot. An assortment of ceramic mugs, beautiful artwork, clothing, and photography is also abundant. The Farmer's Market focuses on grassroots and sustainability, and the vast majority of vendors are local to the northwest corner of the state. Bellingham restaurants and chefs often have vending tables set up on the East side of the square, and offer nearly any kind of cooked meal you can order. 
An assortment of vendors take debit/credit, but all take cash, so it's smart to stop by an ATM downtown before heading over and grab some cash. Buskers are found putting on juggling acts, musical performances, and just all-around supplying the fun vibe and background aura as you wander around. When downtown, walk a block or two south on Railroad Ave, and you'll experience the conglomeration of people and good smells, right across the street from the Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro. 
Open from 10 - 3 on Saturdays, April until Christmas. Summer weekends are best started with some coffee and a fresh peach, wandering around the market scene. 

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Bellingham Farmer's Market

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