Caffe Adagio

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Locally owned, fine Italian coffee, right smack in the middle of downtown.

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Brian Bates


It's no secret that Caffe Adagio serves to perfection. They take great pride in their espresso and coffee, and use local beans roasted 2 hours south in Seattle. And while they're most known for their deliciously crafted and concocted espresso creations, they also have a light lunch menu that features delicious Italian-inspired sandwiches and salads. 
For those looking for a unique taste of Bellingham's local coffee scene, Caffe Adagio is directly downtown, on the north end of Railroad Ave. Bellingham prides itself on local coffee shops, and Caffe Adagio is definitely one of the best in the area. Certainly worth a visit if you're an espresso lover. 
Getting There: When downtown, walk to the north end of Railroad Avenue, and it is on the corner. Directly across from the bus station. Parking is metered from 9-5. 
Open 7am - 6pm, Monday through Saturday. Open 8am - 5pm on Sundays. 

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Caffe Adagio

1435 Railroad Ave
Bellingham, WA, 98225
48.751173, -122.475566

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