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Get Sconed! The best coffee shop found in the North Cascades, the Wake 'n Bakery is a great stop on the way to or from Mt. Baker.

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Brian Bates


A block off of Mt. Baker Highway, in the tiny town of Glacier, WA, sandwiched between Deming and Mt. Baker, rests a coffee shop. A fantastic coffee shop. A coffee shop made for the skiers and snowboarders of the Northwest. Ladies and gentlemen....... the Wake 'n Bakery.
The Wake 'n Bakery is a small coffee shop that has captured the hearts of everyone who has stepped foot through its doors. Need a coffee for that drive home after a day on the mountain? Need a scone or pastry, or incredible breakfast burrito? Step right on up. I'd say it's the best coffee secret in the state, but it's not so secret nowadays. Everyone who drives up or down Highway 542 has seen the coffee cup sandwich board, and many have turned off to stop and drink a coffee while lounging on the deck, or in the small seating room upstairs. Be warned: lines can get long around 5. The sign on the door says it closes "at 5 ish".... open just long enough to serve the crowds coming off the mountain.
Getting There: Heading east on Mt. Baker Highway (542) from Bellingham, continue as if you were going to the mountain. As you pass through the small town of Glacier after about 45-60 minutes, keep your eyes peeled for the gravel road to the left and sign pointing you towards the bakery. Across from Graham's, on the north side of 542. Parking around the bakery is free, please be courteous of homeowners. 

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Wake n Bakery

9966 Mt. Baker Highway
Deming, WA, 98244
48.889617, -121.946274

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