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The Happy Trails are an unnamed, unmapped web of single-tracks nestled off of the Interurban Trail, perfect for exploratory hiking and trail running.

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Brian Bates

Destination Distance From Downtown

2.4 miles


2 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

30 min - 1 hour


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


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Looking for a quick escape to some single-tracks off the beaten path? The Happy Trails, right off the Interurban Trail, are commonly passed over, though they can offer upwards of an hour of exploring in a small area. These trails wander around the hill that the Interurban Trail avoids. One of these trails can take you to Chuckanut Drive. Another is right near downtown Fairhaven District. There is no map of these single tracks, and they aren't named. That's what makes them fun. The more you run them, the more you get to learn them, and appreciate them. They offer a surprisingly subtle hill workout, and the soft trails are great for those coming back from injury. The easy hills are fun with the family. The trails buzz around the hill, and if you aren't paying attention, you can find yourself running loops and getting lost (not really - it's fairly easy to get your bearings and pop back out on the Interurban Trail).
It makes the most sense to park at the intersection of Lindsay Ave and 24th St, just next to the Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital off of Old Fairhaven Parkway. From here, head south on the 'Urb for about 600 yards - you'll see a gate marking the Happy Trails entrance on your right. Take the turn off the 'Urb, and head on up. But because Happy Trails are right off of the Interurban Trail, you can park anywhere along that trail if you so choose and know other spots, and add onto the run. 
The Happy Trails get pretty dark with all of their tree cover, so late afternoon runs aren't always the best. During rainy season, it can get quite muddy - which can be fun!

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Happy Trails

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