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You wouldn't expect to find such authentic Chinese cuisine in a medium-sized city in Alabama, but Mr. Chen's delivers on this front with flying colors.

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Eddie Freyer


If you’re in the mood for authentic Chinese food like nothing you’ve ever had, Mr. Chen’s will blow your mind with the flavors. This Hoover strip-mall restaurant has made-to-order dishes that you won't find on other menus, including dishes like "Happy Family" and "Wonderful Chicken." With generous portion sizes and a menu with a wide variety, you’ll never leave Mr. Chen’s disappointed. Made-to-order choices are fresh, and the steamed buns will make you want to get an additional to-go order of them so that the deliciousness doesn’t have to end. Definitely one of our favorite restaurant choices. What Makes it Great

With menu items such as Salted Duck, Beef in Black Bean Sauce, Basil Squid and Shredded Chicken with Cilantro, you can rest assured that there will be something on the menu to please everyone in your group. Sautéed sweet pea leaves, eggplant with pork and basil, crispy string beans with savory bits of pork, and the steamed fish filet are standards we order with conservative eaters, along with steamed or fried dumplings. For the more adventuresome, we love the fried whole shrimp (eaten shell and all) and the flash-fried anchovies, which are the bacon bits of the fish world—salty and crunchy, with little bits of jalapeno and fried peanuts mixed in. Mr. Chen’s serves beer and bubble tea, but no wine or spirits. Interesting drinks are served here. There are several types of Iced Flavored Milk Tea, such as Pudding Winter Melon Tea, Coconut Jelly Milk Tea and Grass Jelly Milk Tea, so you’ll have many new choices to try with each visit. Desserts such as Mango Pudding and Strawberry Pudding will take care of that sweet tooth so that you go home fully satisfied. There is plenty of parking to accommodate large crowds or big groups, so don’t be afraid to pile up into the tables and booths. The friendly servers can definitely handle it. Made-to-order meals may take about 15-20 minutes, so be prepared to wait a little bit for your food. It’ll certainly be worth it from the very first bite to the last.

Who is Going to Love It If you are a fan of great Chinese food that is authentic with friendly service and an amazing menu variety, this is the place for you. Bring a group of friends and order up as many different dishes as you can so that you can taste test the various dishes, or go with your significant other on a date night for a fun but inexpensive date choice. You won’t enjoy it any less than a more expensive, fancier restaurant. If you’re not crazy about Chinese food, steer clear… the menu is Chinese/Taiwanese authentic and there are not any Americanized alternatives.

Directions, Parking and Fees Although this food is so much more genuine than other Chinese restaurants in Birmingham, the prices are about the same.

From I-65 S, take exit 252. Follow AL-3/HWY 31 for just over a half mile, then turn right onto Hoover Court. Mr. Chen’s will be on your left.

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Mr. Chen's

1917 Hoover Ct.
Hoover, AL, 35226
33.401902, -86.806843

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