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  1. M.J. “Nimblewill Nomad” Eberhart: A Q&A with the Triple Crown Hiker, Alabama Cabin Caretaker, and Outdoors Veteran

    M.J. Eberhart, e.g. "Nimblewill Nomad", is caretaker of historic Flagg Mountain in Alabama. Here, we speak to the veteran Triple Crown hiker about his inspiring adventures.

  2. Travel Back in Time on Alabama’s 5 Best Native American Hikes

    Alabama is rich in Native American history—as well as hikes that let you dig deeper into it. Here, five fascinating hikes to explore.

  3. The Appalachian Trail From Maine to ... Alabama?

    Several groups and individuals are making an all-out effort to bring the southern terminus of the AT to Alabama. Here, a look into the process.

  4. An Adventure-Filled Weekend in Southeast Alabama's Coosa County

    Despite its low profile, Coosa County offers excellent trails for hiking and superb creeks for kayaking and canoeing.

  5. 5 Best State Parks to Hike in Alabama

    Alabama may not have a national park in its borders, but its state parks are full of opportunities to explore. Here, 5 Alabama state parks great for hiking.

  6. The Ten Essentials: What They Are and Why You Need Them for Every Hike

    What exactly are the Ten Essentials, and why are they so, well, essential? Here, a primer, and why you need them on every hike.

  7. How to Hike Historic Flagg Mountain

    One of the tallest mountains in the Southeastern U.S., Flagg Mountain is also one of the most historic. Here's how to discover it.

  8. 5 Stunning Sunset Hikes in Alabama

    There's something extra special about an Alabama sunset. Here, the best sunset hikes in the state.

  9. 10 Great Outdoor Date Ideas in Alabama

    Forget dinner and a movie—Alabama's great outdoors provides some great date ideas. Here, 10 to try.

  10. Insider Tips for Your First Backpacking Trip

    Has a backpacking trip long been on your bucket list? Here, insider tips to make this overnight adventure a reality.

  11. 10 Awesome Alabama Festivals and Events Not To Miss This Year

    From fun 5Ks to festivals full of peanuts, here are 10 of the best Alabama festivals and events you'll want to mark your calendars for.

  12. So, You Want To Run Your First 5K? Insider Tips for a Great Race

    Always had a 5K on your to-do list, but never quite gotten around to it? Here, insider tips on running your first 5K.

  13. 20 Free Outdoor Things to Do in Alabama

    Broke from the holidays, but itching to get active in the new year? Check out these 20 free outdoor things to do in Alabama.

  14. What It's Really Like to Complete the World's Toughest Endurance Race

    The story of how one Alabama woman went from "never being able to run again", to completing the 157-mile Jungle Marathon—the toughest ultra-endurance race in the world.

  15. Why You Should Visit Tuskegee National Forest, the Country's Smallest

    From prime hiking trails to fascinating history, the 11,000-acre Tuskegee National Forest is small in size but big on outdoor activity.

  16. Birmingham Boulders: The Largest Bouldering Gym East of the Mississippi

    With 12,000 square feet of space in its main room, Birmingham Boulders is the largest bouldering gym east of the Mississippi River. Attached to the main gym is The Forge, a 4,000-square foot training facility.

  17. 7 Tips for Camping with Kids

    Here are seven tips to ensure that your family camping trip runs smoothly, leaving everyone in with a big smile and hatching plans for your next adventure.

  18. Where to Find the Best Fall Colors in Alabama: The Ultimate Foliage Road Tour

    We put together this road trip itinerary for you to enjoy some of best color Alabama has to offer come fall.

  19. 10 Best Campsites in Alabama

    When it comes to quality outdoor experiences, these ten unique sites scattered throughout the state aim to please.

  20. Day Hiking: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

    If you’re looking for a new way to get fit, reduce stress, find inspiration or share quality time with your family, a walk in the woods could be the perfect solution.

  21. Trail Gourmet: Southern Recipes Perfect for Camping

    Forget the freeze-dried pasta or boring old hot dogs. These Southern-leaning dishes are not only delicious, they're a cinch to make outdoors.

  22. An Introduction to Hammock Camping

    In Alabama and throughout the South, people have swapped their tents for hammocks to rest more comfortably while camping and to feel closer to nature.

  23. 10 Historic Hikes in Alabama

    From the mountains of northern Alabama to Mobile Bay, you can find fascinating treks that allow you to explore nature while getting a glimpse of the past -- through battlefields, Native American ruins, and other historic sites.

  24. A Beginner's Guide to Camping Gear

    Nine essential pieces of camping equipment that you shouldn’t leave home without.

  25. 5 of the Spookiest Outdoor Destinations in Alabama

    These locations have everything from ghost stories and sordid tales of mysterious deaths to natural wonders that are more awe-inspiring than scary.