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A local classic hill ride, while it’s name is less than appealing the challenging Dump Loop includes big climbs, fast and fun descents and pretty views.

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Teresa Bruffey

Destination Distance From Downtown

1.2 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

1-2 hours

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Beginning from Camel’s Back Park, head north on N. 13th Street to start this hilly loop. Continuing on as the road turns into Hill Rd., this section provides a good, gently rolling warm up in preparation for the upcoming 4 summits.

Taking a right on Seamus Gulch Rd., signs for the Dump and Hidden Springs indicate you’re on the right path. The change in the pitch of the road will let you know that you’re starting a big monster climb up to your first summit. Winding through the soft, sage and grass covered foothills, the climb ends with a steep push to the top shortly after mile 8 before dropping down into to Hidden Springs.

Taking Dry Creek Rd, which becomes Cartwright Rd a bit further on, enjoy the ebb and flow of small rolling hills on the way to the second summit. Turning left to stay on Cartwright, a gradual uphill ends with another short, steep push up before a huge and fun downhill past the Owyhee motorcycle club. Wave as you pass on your two human-powered wheels! This is a big descent and you’ll pick up a lot of speed so feather those breaks!

In case you started feeling lazy, on last progressive uphill rewards with beautiful views before reaching the final summit and the last drop down to Bogus Basin Rd and then back to Hill Rd. 

Stop for beer or well-crafted Moscow Mule and a yakisoba noodle bowl at 13th Street Pub and Grill, just down the street from Camel’s Back Park.

There are many places to begin this route, so take a look at a map and find the spot on the loop that is most convenient to you. Swing by TriTown, also on N 13th Street with questions on the route or to see about joining a group ride. 

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Dump Loop

13th Street and Heron
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