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With delicious pastries the size of a dinner plate and coffee that supports causes, this Linen District café bustles with good vibes.

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Teresa Bruffey


Big City Coffee, in the Linen District, is a bright and cheerful hub within this creative neighborhood. With fantastic roll-up garage door windows, eclectic farm-style décor and a great team behind the counter, the café is a great place for brunch or to pound away some work for an afternoon. Their delicious pastries are amazing and often times, worth sharing between two - or three - people. They also cook up great plates of steamed eggs in a variety of delectable combinations, like the Farmer’s Daughter and The Western, among others. Meals don't stop at breakfast, as their lunchtime sandwiches will make your belly growl with hunger, too.

Also, don't forget the coffee; it's delicious. They are consistent masters at the craft. Purchase bulk beans and help support a good cause. If you purchase a "Joe Can” a donation is made to breast cancer detection services.

Share a big table with fellow patrons, grab a picnic table out front in the sunshine, or cozy up along the roll-up doors for a fresh breeze. Big City’s vibe is the perfect instigator for conversations with friends, cranking out work, or reading the Sunday Times.

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Big City Coffee

1416 Grove St
Boise, ID,
43.618889, -116.21188

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