Dawson Taylors Downtown Coffee House

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In the heart of the city, Dawson Taylor’s baristas will remember you after your first order and welcome you back each subsequent visit for one of the city’s best cups of coffee.

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Teresa Bruffey


Bright and centrally located, Dawson Taylor bustles with activity nearly every day, whether with well-dressed business people, groups of high school kids after the day lets out, or with farmers’ market shoppers on Saturdays. Smooth coffee is a constant, their chai is a delicious treat if you’re looking for a coffee bean alternative, and they have a wide-ranging tea selection as well. 

Small two-tops are mixed with larger six-tops, so individuals and groups are commonly found sharing tables whether they're hammering out work or stopping to catch up with friends. Out front, when the sun shines – which is nearly every day in the Treasure Valley – umbrella-shaded tables offer outdoor space. Conveniently located right in the heart of the city on 8th Street and a major biking artery, the service is prompt and always of the highest quality. The café’s baristas are friendly but not devoid of personality, so don't be surprised if they tease a bit and start up a genuine conversation while taking your order. 

Minimal snacks are available but Dawson Taylor shares space with Zeppole Bakery next door where soups, sandwiches and other savory and sweet treats can be purchased.


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Dawson Taylors Downtown Coffee House

219 N. 8th Street
Boise, ID,
43.617022, -116.20227

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