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A “Best of” winner for years, Goldy’s serves gigantic, delicious breakfasts and great cups of joe that will fuel hard-earned adventures for days.

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Teresa Bruffey


A “Best of” winner for years and known simply as Goldy’s to locals, this bistro is packed every weekend and most weekday mornings, too. Idaho is the potato state and Goldy’s honors that claim to fame by serving breakfast dishes with a choice of six types of potatoes. The red flannel hash with potatoes, beets and bacon is a favorite, as are the hollandaise specialties. Whether you prefer a savory or sweet breakfast, they’ll have something you’ll come back for over and over again. The gigantic and delicious breakfasts of steaming goodness and tasty coffee will fuel hard-earned adventures for days.

Aside from the menu, the welcoming servers have great memories and will have you feeling like a regular before you know it. If you can't quite get up early enough to be one of the first through the door, leave your name and number (they’ll call you when your table is ready), and walk to Goldy’s Corner on Idaho St. to wait with a hot cup of joe. 

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Goldys Breakfast Bistro

108 S. Captiol Blvd
Boise, ID,
43.614686, -116.2024

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