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With expansive views of the foothills, this nearly flat trail travels closely to the Boise River, passing the Black and Green Cliffs with a turn around at Lucky Peak State Park.

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Teresa Bruffey

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2.2 miles


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From Barber Park, pick up the Greenbelt off of S. Eckert Rd for an open stretch of path all the way out to Lucky Peak State Park. With expansive views of the foothills, this nearly flat trail passes closely to the Boise River in some sections and parallels Warm Springs Rd in others. The riverside sections offer some shade from tall trees and the sections along the road and Highway 21 are open to the sun. Depending on the season, run mid-day to soak up needed winter sun, or go in the morning for the coolest temps during warmer months.

The trail dips below the highway where Warm Springs intersects Highway 21 alongside the river. Running between the river and the road, the Greenbelt is separated from the Highway by a cement barricade all the way to Discovery Picnic Area.

Above Diversion Dam, watch for fly fisherman casting in the river to your right and study the steep columnar basalt walls of the Black Cliffs to the left and the Green Cliffs to the right for climbers.

As the highway begins to make a long, arching lefthand turn, pass the Discovery Picnic Area that has toilets and water. In the home stretch before the turn-around, a ½ mile brings you to Lucky Peak State Park. This last ½ mile the trail pulls away from the highway and brings you to the park along smaller footpaths.

Turn around and head back to Barber Park. Once you’re back, take off your shoes and head down to the river to soak your hard-worked feet in the cool water. 

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Barber Park to Lucky Peak

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