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  1. Day 1: Cycling from West Yellowstone to Warm River

    The 63-mile first leg of the Cycle Greater Yellowstone tour brings you through some of the most beautiful landscape in the country, highlighted by views of Upper and Lower Mesa Falls.

  2. Days 2 and 3: Driggs, Layovers, and a Solar Eclipse

    The second leg of this tour is always spectacular fun, but this year, you get a bonus. That's right, a solar eclipse to top off a fun rest day Driggs.

  3. Day 4: Cycling from Driggs to Archer

    Full of climbs and descents, the 60-mile leg 4 will take you through Snake Pass and down into Snake River Valley.

  4. Day 5: Cycling From Archer to Kilgore

    Some of the best riding of the Greater Cycle Yellowstone tour is to be had on Day 5 as you ride along beautiful backroads and through the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

  5. Day 6: The Grand Finale

    After 350 miles, Cycle Greater Yellowstone comes to a conclusion at Yellowstone National Park. But who says just because the ride finished the fun needs to end?

  6. 6 Days, 350 Miles: A Road Biking Trip to Remember in Greater Yellowstone

    The annual Cycle Greater Yellowstone tour gives you an inside look at the region's scenic falls, mountain ranges, wildlife, and beautiful backroads all from the seat of a bike.

  7. From Alpine to High Desert: 10 Days of Climbing in Idaho

    The whirlwind excursion of three climbers who spent 10 days conquering some of Idaho's most iconic routes.

  8. Where Wilderness Awaits: The 3 Biggest Roadless Areas in the Lower 48

    For wilderness-inclined backpackers, river runners, and other recreationists, these three roadless tracts—perhaps the largest in the U.S. between Canada and Mexico—are downright mouthwatering landscapes.

  9. 10 Best Hikes in Sun Valley, Idaho

    From the wildflower-draped Pioneer Cabin trail to the summit of famous Bald Mountain, here's a rundown of the best hikes in Sun Valley, ID.

  10. 10 of the Best Hikes in Idaho

    From the rugged Sawtooth Mountains to the Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho offers adventures for every hiker, from those looking for an afternoon stroll to those seeking a hard-charging backcountry adventure. While this list is by no means comprehensiv...

  11. The Best Disc Golf Courses Near Boise (and Beyond)

    Disc golf is booming in Boise, with new courses popping up all the time. Here, the best disc golf courses near Boise and across Idaho.

  12. Q&A with Ultra Runner Lana Weber

    We sat down with Lana Weber to talk about running in Boise and about running with the bears along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

  13. Lana Weber: Running Wild

    Lana Weber is a runner who takes her trails to the wild side in Boise.

  14. Idaho Wilderness Areas in Danger? The Future of the LWCF

    Wilderness areas in Idaho and beyond could be at risk, depending on the future of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, or LWCF.

  15. A Doggone Good Time: The Best Dog-Friendly Trails in Boise

    From Bogus Basin to Miller Gulch to a great off-leash program at an in-town park, here are the best dog-friendly trails in Boise.

  16. Peak Bagging in Idaho: 9 Insider Tips to Snagging Summits This Summer

    For an adventurous summer (and some good bragging rights), try your hand at peak bagging in Idaho. Here, insider tips on how to do it.

  17. Water Colors: Paddling Trips in Boise That Feature Sublime Fall Foliage

    Grab a paddle and hop in a boat to see the Here, 5 great paddling trips in Boise that highlight fall's show.

  18. The Best-Kept Secret Trails Around Boise and Beyond

    Alpine lakes, hidden trailheads, and solitude galore: Here's how to explore the best-kept secret trails around Boise.

  19. Seeking Solitude: 4 Ways to Explore Idaho's Rugged Gospel Hump Wilderness

    Gospel Hump Wilderness, which stretched across 206,000 acres in Central Idaho, is sublime for solitude-seekers. Here, 4 ways to explore it.

  20. Insider Tips on Paddling the Snake River and Shoshone Falls

    Highlights of paddling the Snake River include river views of famed Perrine Bridge and 212-foot Shoshone Falls. Here's how to do it.

  21. The Hidden Secrets of Paddling Idaho’s Thorofare

    From hiking to old-growth forests to mountain biking to huckleberry pie, paddling Idaho's Thorofare opens up an amazing world of adventure.

  22. Insider Tips for Watching the Boise Twilight Criterium 2015

    Now in its 29th year, the Boise Twilight Criterium 2015 transforms downtown Boise into a cycling mecca. Here, insider tips on enjoying the event.

  23. Hiking in Idaho's High Desert: How and Where to Go

    It's the perfect time for hiking in Idaho's high desert, which features exotic landscapes and sparse crowds. Here's how and where to do it.

  24. 5 Ways to Explore the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness

    The Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness in southwest Idaho is an unexplored mecca of desert vistas, secluded hikes, and rugged landscapes.

  25. Tips for Floating the Boise River in Spring

    Early spring is a great time for floating the Boise River, with fewer crowds than summer, abundant wildlife, and opportunities to train for summer paddling.

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