Andala Coffee House

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A small Middle-Eastern style cafe with a unique flavor.

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Cody Grodzki


Walk into the doors of the Andala Cafe and the aroma will instantly transport you halfway around the globe to a small cafe in the warm deserts of the Middle East. A quiet and low-key establishment, this cafe is located just off the busy streets of Central Square. Offering a large selection of teas and coffees and a waitstaff that will take orders at your table or pillow seat. 

What Makes it Great  Andala is definitely sui generis when stacked up among other hangouts in the Boston area, especially considering you can order a hookah at the same time you ask for a cup of fantastic lentil soup. Interestingly enough, the architecture at this cafe has been left in its original state, so sipping your drink here can feel as if you are sitting in your grandparent's living room. Putting that aside, the decor and ambiance is very nicely put together and the cafe does not typically see a constant rush of traffic through its doors, allowing you to take your mind off of Boston's busy lifestyle for just a bit longer.

Who is Going to Love It<  Providing a fantastic atmosphere, one that is unique even in comparison to the many other cafes around Cambridge, Anadala is uncommon in yet another way, and it is what the cafe doesn't offer that establishes it among ranks of exclusivity. 

Rather than catering to large crowds and busy-bodies normally found throughout the area, Andala seems to dissuade a huge portion of traffic you would normally find at a Starbucks or the likes. If you’re looking for a place to relax amid all of this hustle and bustle, Andala can be a great place to visit. 

Directions, Parking & Fees  Getting to the Andala Cafe is easy, especially if you choose to take public transportation. Hop on the Red Line and ride it until the “Central” stop. From there, follow River St. two blocks west and Andala will come into view when you hit the corner of River and Franklin.

By car, take Storrow Drive west until you hit Route 2A.  Go over the bridge and venture into the land of brilliant minds at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Keep driving straight until you hit the “Central” T stop. Parking around this area is as good as any other- difficult and tricky. Be persistent and you will be bound to find something. Just keep thinking about a cup of coffee from this Middle Eastern bastion and you should do just fine.

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Andala Coffee House

286 Franklin St
Cambridge, MA, 02139
42.364852, -71.105756

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