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KT's has a wealth of BBQ flavors -- the perfect feast for a Rocky Mountain appetite!

Written by

James Dziezynski


KT’s BBQ is named for owners Kirk and Tricia Jamison. The duo came to Boulder in 1992 and opened the first KT’s and the restaurant has been going strong ever since. Now with four locations in Boulder and Broomfield, KT’s continues to grow thanks to their flavorful recipes and deep, smoky BBQ selections.

Where KT’s excels is in the perfection of regional style sauces used on their meats. Whether it’s Kentucky, Texas, KC or their trademark Boulder County blends, they not only get it right but balance it with the perfect texture of their slow cooked ribs, briskets and pulled pork. If you have a carnivorous craving after a day in the mountains, check out KT’s -- you will not be disappointed.

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2675 13th St
Boulder, CO, 80304
40.025499, -105.280468

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