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Meyers Homestead (also known as Meyers Gulch) is the sister trail to the more difficult and infamous trail, Walker Ranch. Meyers Homestead is a wide out-and-back trail (2.6 miles each way) that takes you through fall foliage in the autumn, and blossoming flowers in the summer.

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5.2 miles

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5.3 miles


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1 hours

1-2 hours


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Meyers Homestead is perfect for trail runners of all levels. When compared to the famous Walker Ranch just beyond, it would be considered a much easier route. It is a “steady uphill grinder”, the uphill is gentle, covering 847 ft elevation gain total, and meanders through portions of the 3,778 acres of the Walker Ranch area. The trail is wide, not technical, and views of the aspens and flowers will keep your eyes peeled open. Meyers is a “fast trail” where you can keep a good pace through the uphill, and glide swiftly downhill at the turnaround point. The trail comes to an end at a short wooden fence, marking private property that lies beyond. From this portion at the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Boulder Canyon behind your, and the Continental Divide ahead if you peek through the trees.

What Makes It Great

Meyers Homestead should not be overlooked by its sister trail because the peacefulness and gentle softness of winds rustling through the pines and aspens is what makes this trail great. This is a place where you can let you mind wander, while easily keeping in line with the route. Or you can take the opportunity to run and converse with a friend, as the trail is wide enough for yourself and a companion. Take note of other bikers and hikers sharing the trail with you, as bikers are likely to ride down the trail at a fast pace.

Though this trail is doable at all times of the year, try running it in summer to experience the flowers blossoming at the trail’s edges, or in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. Signs along the trail interpret the history and wildlife of the area. You may spot elk in the winter, as well as mountain lions, porcupines, and mule deer year-round. The trailhead has brochures you can pick up for more detailed wildlife descriptions of plants and foliage. This trail also offers little shelter - about 85% of the route is exposed to the sunlight.

Additionally, the trailhead offers a short ¾ mile connector to the Walker Ranch Loop just beyond Meyers Homestead, if you’re a runner looking for an aggressive challenge.

Who is Going to Love It

To arrive at the Meyers Homestead trailhead, take Baseline west towards the mountains which turns into Flagstaff. After about 7 miles (past the Flagstaff summit and before Gross Reservoir), you will notice signs for “Meyers Gulch” on your right-hand side (this is the same as Meyers Homestead). Turn right towards the short dirt path to the parking lot and day picnic area.

Restrooms are located at the trailhead for use.

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Meyers Homestead Trail Running

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