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A most unique spot for mountain biking, Millstone was built in and around of a bunch old of granite quarries and is full of technical trails, rock piles and quarry ponds. A favorite of many locals.

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1.0 miles

Varies, depending on which trail(s) you choose.

Destination Distance From Downtown

42.7 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

1 hours

Varies, depending on which trail(s) you choose.


Summer and Fall

May through November

Dog Friendly


Fees Permits


$10 Day Pass

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Millstone Trails



Located just outside of Montpelier in the Barre State Forest, Millstone offers a one-of-a-kind mountain biking experience. Its more than 70 miles of trails, maintained by the Millstone Trail Association, weave over 1,500 acres of abandoned quarries and offer a glimpse into Vermont’s industrial history. The unusual trailscape is abundant with large and small quarry ponds, rock pile lookouts with amazing views, and remnants of the quarries’ glory days, including rusty mining equipment and old railroad beds. Riders can find trails of all level as there are options for easier rolling hills or steeper, more challenging climbs.

What Makes It Great

Said one local, “This place is KICK ASS!” Mountain bikers looking for a challenge will not be disappointed. Millstone’s technical terrain, complete with rock piles, elevated bridgework and skinnies, will appeal to intermediate and expert riders alike. With trail names like Angry Gnome, Screamin Demon and Rollercoaster, how can you go wrong? There are also miles of beginner trails so mountain bikers of all levels can enjoy this diverse terrain.

Riders will find the quintessential Vermont landscape views after climbing the rock pile lookouts, which offer amazing views of Camel’s Hump and the Worcester Range. However, the sites of the quarries themselves are quite impressive as well. There are ponds all throughout the property, some acres wide and some much smaller. The steep drops down to the ponds not only take your breath away, but present riders with excellent photo opps from above.

Millstone is not your stereotypical Vermont mountain biking trail area. Being built on abandoned quarries ensures this, but the forest has reclaimed its land from the working quarry days and now provides wooded trails full of history. In honor of the area’s past, there are wooden signs along the trails that tell about the quarries’ history providing a learning experience along with your ride.

In addition to the historic nature of the site and its striking landscape, Millstone also boasts the driest and coolest trails in the area. If you are looking to skip the detriments of mud season this is the place to go in the spring. Likewise, it’s the place to go if you are looking for cooler riding during hotter temps. Because of the way the grout piles retain ice and snow through most of the summer temperatures can be 20 degrees lower along the trails.

Who is Going to Love It

Riders looking for a unique mountain biking experience will love this rare opportunity to ride on a historical property full of challenging terrain and stunning landscape. Hardcore riders will enjoy the more challenging routes with technical terrain.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Open May through October for mountain biking. $10 day passes. Mountain biking is prohibited in the Barre State Forest during hunting season which starts November 15.

Buy your pass, find maps and park at the Millstone Hill Touring Center at 34 Church Hill Road in Websterville.  

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Millstone Trails

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