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This is an easy out and back trail totaling six miles that snakes along the shores of the Winooski River. While the Rivershore Trail itself is flat, there is potential to link with other trail areas for pretty extensive hill workouts.

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6.0 miles

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13.5 miles


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1 hours

1-1.5 hours


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Located near downtown Richmond, a small town about 20 miles south of Burlington, the Warren and Ruth Beeken Rivershore Trail is a flat out and back trail that totals six miles. Maintained by members of the Richmond Trails Committee, this single track multi-purpose trail travels alongside the Winooski River for its entirety. It is a perfect spot to get in a quick morning run before work or in the evening after meetings all day.

What Makes It Great

The trail’s location along the river’s shore makes for picturesque viewing of the Winooski River throughout the run. The Winooski itself begins in the town of Cabot, VT and flows 90 miles to Lake Champlain in Colchester, making it the lake’s largest tributary. Fishing, kayaking and canoeing are all popular activities on the river.   

In addition to the beautiful water views, this wooded trail offers much in its flora and fauna throughout the different seasons offering fields of flowers in the spring, a plethora of ferns throughout the summer and views of foliage in the fall. A small section of the trail takes runners along the backside of a local horse farm’s cornfields opening the run up and allowing for classic Vermont views of the red barn in front of a backdrop of wooded hillsides.      

The Rivershore Trail is also flanked on either end by two newer trail systems, with Safford Preserve Loop at its eastern side and the Preston Forest Legacy Loops to the West. Both of these areas are built on the hillside on the other side of Cochran Road from the river and provide an opportunity for strong hill workouts. You can check out a map of the area for more information on how to link the routes.

Please note that there are two areas of the trail that require runners to pop onto the paved road for a short while before heading back down onto the dirt path. These sections are marked with wooden trail signs and should be easy to follow.

Who is Going to Love It

Runners looking for a leisurely and refreshing six-mile run will enjoy this meandering trail through the woods. While the Rivershore Trail itself is flat, runners looking for a hill challenge can easily incorporate other nearby loops to create a more demanding run making this a great spot for runners of all levels.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Park at the trailhead and canoe access parking area on Cochran Road. It is located in the middle of the trail and runners can start left or right, but will need to doubleback by the lot and continue out in the other direction to get in the full six miles. Parking is free and open all hours. 

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Warren and Ruth Beeken Rivershore Trail

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