7 Foot Falls

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Arguably the best site for bouldering on the Chattaooga River.

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Logan Waddell

Destination Distance From Downtown

236.4 miles


4 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1 Day



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7 foot falls is arguably the best site for bouldering on the Chattooga River, as well as the most established. If you enjoy climbing close to the water, then you should definitely have a go on these rocks. To get here, look for the drop in point along the Chattooga on a gravel road called Woodall Shoals (any whitewater outfitter in the immediate area can help you find it). 

The trail to 7 foot falls is at the bottom of the drop in trail and will lead you about a quarter mile down the river to the class IV rapid that the rock is named after. Here you will find established problems ranging from v4 to v10. If you are traveling from Charleston and looking to climb, your best bet is to start here and explore down river for more boulders. I would also recommend taking advantage of the river as well (kayaking, rafting, etc.). Since the drive from Charleston is lengthy, you might as well get in as many activities as possible. Take a lunch break and watch countless tourists fly over 7 foot falls in their rafts, it's hilarious.

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7 Foot Falls

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