Half Moon Outfitters Indoor Climbing

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Half Moon Outfitters has a great indoor gym at their West Ashley location, just minutes from downtown.

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Lunden Herron

Destination Distance From Downtown

3.1 miles


2 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1 hour to all day



Dog Friendly


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If you’re having the itch to chalk up your hands and climb a wall, Half-Moon Outfitters has you covered. With a tall indoor climbing wall at their West Ashley location, you can grab your climbing shoes and go to try out some moderate routes that should make for a fun day. Whether you want to perfect your technique or are just bringing the kids for their first experience, everyone is welcome at all different experience levels.

What Makes it Great

This family friendly climbing wall is cheap and easily accessible. The employees change the routes a few times throughout the year, so you can go back and try something you didnt try the last time. The routes vary from a beginner to an intermediate skill set, and at only $4 a climb, it’s a pretty great deal. The climbing wall is set up as two different boulders that are connected by an overhang with a nice little roof, and there are mats available to catch you if you fall. Only liquid chalk is allowed inside the climbing area, so make sure you come prepared.

Who is Going to Love It

Everyone can enjoy this one. Half-Moon Outfitters also hosts birthday parties at the wall, so keep that in mind for Junior’s next big shindig. Weekends are definitely going to be the busiest time at the climbing wall, so if you want the place to yourself try and go during the week at an earlier hour. Half-Moon also rents out shoes and harnesses at $2 and $3 a pop, respectively. If you decide that maybe climbing really is for you, they also sell all the gear you would need to get your climbing career started.  

Parking, Hours and Fees

Parking is ample at the South Windermere Shopping Center. If there is no parking at the front of the building, then there is more in the back. The wall is inside the store, so just ask a staff member to help you when you get there. Hours of the wall are from 10 am-7pm but they usually start shutting it down about 30 minutes till closing. While Half-Moon Outfitters is definately dog friendly, Fido isn't allowed inside the climbing area, so it probably best to leave him at home. It’s always a good idea to check in with the West Ashley location first to make sure there aren't any groups or parties when you want to go climb. That way you’ll have more options on the wall.


$4 to climb (Tip: Print out a waiver form before you come in.)

$3 to rent a harness

$2 to rent shoes

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Half Moon Outfitters Indoor Climbing

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