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This is a really cool area with some interesting boulder problems. Also, don't be afraid to invent your own problems; the locals will applaud you if you can.

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Logan Waddell

Destination Distance From Downtown

100.1 miles


4 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1 Day



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Even though Peachtree rock looks irresistible to climbers in pictures, don’t try to climb it. You will more than likely get in trouble, and the sandstone rock will probably fall on top of you. However, there are excellent problems located right beside Peachtree rock that are climbable, and make for a good day of bouldering. From the dirt parking lot, take either of the two trails to get to Peachtree rock where you will see the boulders surrounding it. About 3/4's of a mile down the trails, there will be another site to climb- a free standing boulder with problems on all sides. Just be careful coming down. These rocks further down the trail also tend to fall apart every once in a while, being that they are sandstone, so be extremely careful while climbing, and be sure you have plenty of spotters, crash pads, what have you. This is a cool area, so bring everything you need to hang out for the day and see if you can establish some new problems; local climbers will applaud you if you can.

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