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Bicycling South of Broad in Charleston will give you an intimate look into the history, architecture, and culture of this truly remarkable southern city.

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Lunden Herron

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There’s more than a few areas in Charleston that are in the “must-see” category, but South of Broad takes the cake. Meander through streets with old Charleston houses complete with oil burning lamps, and walk over cobblestone streets that have been there since horse carriages roaming the streets was the norm. For a bike adventure, you might want to avoid the cobblestone streets, but you won’t want to miss what this area has to offer.

What Makes it Great

Here’s Charleston’s biggest issue when it comes to cycling: The bike lanes are few and far between. However, don’t let that deter you, because for the most part in the South of Broad area, the traffic is slow and scattered enough for you to safely enjoy a commute with the motorized vehicles on the street. One of the best routes to take down the end of the Charleston peninsula is to head directly down King Street. From here, you will arrive at The Battery, where you can see Charleston Harbor and the James Island Connector in the distance to your right. The going is pretty slow down here, so make sure you take your time and check out all those live oaks as your biking by. From here, you could really take any streets to go back up northbound, and I would recommend exploring the smaller streets. Weave in and out of old, moss covered alleyways and check out the huge houses, always with a porch attached. This ride is slow, flat, and beautiful. A perfect trifecta.

Who’s Going to Love It

While this might not be a bike ride for a child on their own bike, there is always the option to strap them in a set on the back of your ride. Remember, you will be riding in the street, and there are no bike lanes so make sure you pay attention. Otherwise, it doesn't get any better. I recommend a helmet and a camera to snap a few pictures (preferably during golden hour), and to stop by any places you see to grab a glass of wine. One of my favorites is a little french place called Bin 152. For a couples ride around the city, this one’s dreamy.

Directions, Parking and Fees

I would suggest parking at either a metered spot on King Street or down by the free metered spots at The Battery (Murray Blvd). There are only a few free spots down there though, so grab the first one you see. To get to The Battery is pretty simple. Hop on the main artery of King Street and cruise down until you see water, then you will see White Point Gardens park in front of you. There are no fees, and hours of operation are what you make them.

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South of Broad Cycling

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