Sol Legare to Sandy Point (Kiawah)

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Paddling from Sol Legare to Sandy Point is a trip that everyone should seriously consider doing; it will be well worth your time, as it's truly an unforgettable experience.

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Logan Waddell

Destination Distance From Downtown

14.1 miles


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Time To Complete

2 hours to all day



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This is definitely the best way to get to Kiawah Island. Launch out of the Sol Legare boat landing on the Stono River, and make your way out towards the ocean. Chances are you will have some company from the bottlenose  dolphins that love coming up to paddlers on the Stono. As you near the coast, look for Kiawah and Sandy Point on your right. As always, when paddling along coastal rivers, pay attention to directional markers, depth markers, and keep an eye out for larger boats that may not see you. It is a good practice to keep a map with you; these can be found at Half Moon Outfitters. Remember to bring your safety gear as well; items like a PFD, throw bag, and water pump can come in very handy if something bad should happen. Sandy Point is frequented by locals, and an excellent beach to hang out on all day. The beach is long and uninterrupted by high rises or any structures for that matter, and especially satisfying after paddling the 2.5 miles to get there. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water for one memorable kayaking trip to the beach.

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Sol Legare to Sandy Point (Kiawah)

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