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The Low-country's best doughnuts, and no joke, they're preservative-free.

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Logan Waddell


Diggity Doughnuts is the product of one woman's dream to provide the good people of Charleston with delicious, creative, preservative-free doughnuts. It's as simple as that. Diggity travels from Mount Pleasant to James Island, bringing with it arguably the best doughnuts in the lowcountry. Try flavors ranging from peanut butter Sriracha, to champagne julep, as well as vegan and gluten free options. Local nuts and fruits are available when in season, and there are healthier options as well (as far as doughnuts go). Follow them on twitter at @diggitydoughnuts to get the most up to date information as to where diggity will be, and what they will be cooking up.

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Diggity Doughnuts

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