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A relaxed atmosphere and food that's out of this world is what you'll get at Folly Beach's Lost Dog Cafe.

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Logan Waddell


The Lost Dog Cafe is one of the best places on Folly to grab a bite to eat. The atmosphere is completely relaxed, just like the rest of Folly Beach, and the food is unreal. Lost Dog is the perfect place to go for brunch after a morning surf session, or as a start to the day. Under any circumstances Lost Dog delivers excellent breakfast food all day long, as well as lunch and dinner favorites. Located on West Huron street in a renovated Laundromat building, you’ll find the cafe packed almost all of the time with locals and tourists alike. Enjoy eating inside, outside, or take it to go and walk around on the beach. Just remember you’ll need both hands to take on their massive breakfast burritos.

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Lost Dog Cafe

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