Muddy Waters Coffee Bar

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A 'Ma and Pa' coffee bar that is loved by the locals.

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Logan Waddell


James Island is home to Muddy Waters coffee shop, a friendly, quiet neighborhood spot where most locals go before getting started every morning. Muddy Waters is proud of its commitment to hospitality as well as to their reputation as a hometown coffee bar. For those that appreciate 'Ma and Pa' establishments, and I assume most of us do, I highly recommend stopping by for some coffee or other local products that Muddy Waters proudly supports. Here you will find high quality beans roasted to perfection before being ground, and every other indulgence you can expect from a coffee bar, without all of the commercialization that is so prevalent in most shops. Stop by and say hello at Muddy Waters and let them know if you plan on spending the day outside; the staff will probably have some great advice to give about where you’re going.

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Muddy Waters Coffee Bar

1739 Maybank Hwy
James Island, SC, 29412
32.761938, -79.976568

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