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Located in the heart of downtown, the Rarebit is a must-visit restaurant with a really inviting atmosphere, an unbelievable brunch, and quality dinner fare as well.

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Logan Waddell


The Rarebit is quickly becoming one of Charleston’s most popular dinner and brunch locations, and it's easy to see why after visiting their location on King Street. The atmosphere is simply awesome. With the stone walls, upholstered booths, and old-timey jukeboxes, not to mention the long, elegant bar, this place feels like a classy diner from the 1970's.

And the delicious food and drink enhances the experience. The Rarebit serves up soul food, like chicken & waffles, Po Boys, and arguably the best mac and cheese in Charleston. But it's the brunch menu that really makes this place special, as it's out of this world. The huevos rancheros is amazing, featuring fresh avocado, salsa and sour cream. The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is a classic. And the french toast is to die for, served with easily spreadable, flavorful butter and delicious maple syrup. 

The Rarebit is open late night as well, serving a wide variety of specialty drinks, craft beer, and extensive wine. Their Moscow Mule is one the best in town. Its great location downtown makes it easy to park, eat, and go explore the peninsula all in one day.

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The Rarebit

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