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Brittlebank Park is a great jump-off for a run to the Battery or Hampton Park. Situated on the Ashley River, there are some killer views here to stretch to.

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Lunden Herron

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2.2 miles


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45 minutes



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Overlooking the Ashley River, Brittlebank Park is a beautiful park in the Westside neighborhood of downtown Charleston. Filled with paved paths, playgrounds, and a long pier, Brittlebank is a great start for a run down to The Battery and White Point Gardens. However, if you would like to explore a side of Charleston often neglected by tourists, run in the opposite direction of the Battery and head up to Hampton Park. The largest park in the city, Hampton is a gem in the minds of locals. 
The view at Brittlebank is a good opportunity to take an extra long stretch, gulp down a Gu, or sip some some water before you head out on the run. For a run a little under 2 miles, start heading out of Brittlebank and towards the Battery (away from the Joseph P. Riley baseball stadium) along the concrete path that winds you pretty close to the water. The first bit of this run may seem like a bunch of cars and traffic, but tough it out for about half a mile for the marina views, which are gorgeous. The paved path will turn into your own little causeway that carries you flush with the Charleston City Marina. Breathe deep here, pluff mud is good for the soul. Continue on this path until you hit Chisolm Street, and then take a right. A right at Tradd Street (one block down) will lead you to the Battery. Continue on to explore more of this beautiful section of Charleston, or head back to the car. Your call. 
For the Hampton Park route, the going is pretty simple. From Brittlebank Park, take Fishburne Street until you get to Ashley Avenue. Take a left here and run on Ashley Ave. all the way down until you dead-end into the park. Hampton Park is a well kept secret of downtown Charleston. Locals and ducks alike love this park, and it’s worth the short 1 mile run to check it out. The perimeter of Hampton Park is also a 1 mile loop, so if you’re looking to extend your run, this would be a good way to do it. 
What Makes it Great
This run gives you a taste of Charleston at its finest, complete with beautiful boats and the deep fishy smell of our beloved pluff mud. This run is great for the scenery, and the wide concrete path is even better for feeling like you have enough room to yourself. Brittlebank is the perfect place to start and end your run, complete with a nice long stretch on the pier. 
Who is Going to Love It< 
The options for run length from Brittlebank are basically unlimited. Whatever distance you choose, you will not be disappointed in your journey. Flat and consistent pathways allow you to zone out and enjoy the run. Don’t forget to bring water, if you tend to sweat a lot. There aren’t too many water fountains on this route except for the ones in Hampton Park. 
Parking, Trailhead, and Hours
Parking is located at Brittlebank Park, off Lockwood Blvd, and is pretty straightforward. Grab a spot, lace the shoes up, and go. You will see the path next to the road easily. Hours are what you make them.

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Brittlebank Park

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