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This route is a way to experience several different sections of Charleston by foot. Run along The Battery and eventually through the heart of downtown on this 4.1 mile run that will loop you around the southern half of the peninsula.

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Lunden Herron

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3.8 miles


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25 minutes



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There’s no better way to explore the City of Charleston than by foot. A running foot, that is. Lace up your sneakers and travel to each and every part of the city on a moderately long run looping around the downtown Charleston peninsula and catching all of the sights you should see in the city, with a little bit of local flavor. This is a 4.1 mile run around the bottom half of Charleston, and some of the prettiest sights in the city. 
Probably the best chance for a parking spot will be at The Battery or White Point Gardens. These are are free meter spaces, so grab one at the first chance you get. Running by the water is always a plus, so hop on the side of the street closest to the ocean. From here you will want to start running with White Point Gardens on your left shoulder up into the hustle and bustle that is Easy Bay Street. There will be some human-dodging for a few blocks, but that’s what keeps it interesting and keeps you light on your feet. Hang a right at S. Agers Wharf, and run through Waterfront Park. This is one of the most beautiful parks in downtown, and it gives you a great view of the Cooper River meeting the Atlantic Ocean. At the end of Waterfront Park, take Vendue Range Street back to East Bay Street, hang a right and run to Calhoun Street, where you’ll turn a left. 
At Calhoun you will really dissect right through the heart of the city. Past foodie bars and nightclubs, through the College of Charleston Campus, this is where everything is centered around. You will take Calhoun Street until Ashley Avenue. Take a left here and go through some of the notorious houses of the area known as South of Broad (Street). Oil lit lamps, manicured lawns, impeccably kept old Charlestonian houses… it doesn’t get any better. You can take Ashley Avenue until you hit The Battery again and hang a left back to White Point Gardens, and your car. 
What Makes it Great
There are things that the guidebooks tell you to do, and there are things you can do running in circles. This is a run that pays off in getting to know the “real” Charleston. The loop takes you through the new and the old, the historic and the hoppin’. If you get the timing right (an hour before sunset), there will be sky spectacles like you wouldn’t believe. 
What You Will Brag About
The flavor of the city is diverse. While you’re at it (if you’re risky), or after your run (if you’re sane), stop by any one of the fabulous bars in town and grab a beer and a snack. The Griffon is a familiar haunt with the 20-somethings and The Gin Joint makes cocktails and snacks fit for locals and tourists alike. 
Who is Going to Love It
The runner that wants to dive into a city on foot, and churn out some miles while they’re at it. These 4 miles can be spent both nice and slow to enjoy the sights, or fast and light to get a quick taste of the surroundings. 
Parking, Trailhead, and Hours 
Some of the only free parking in the city is at White Point Gardens, and The Battery. Try and grab a spot here, or go to one of the many garages located within the city and hoof it. Trailhead and hours are yours for the choosing.

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Downtown Route

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