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  1. Charleston's Best Spots for Fueling Up Before and After Surfing

    Charleston is a foodie's dream town. It's also a surfer's. Here are the best places in the Holy City to fuel up before and after surfing.

  2. 5 Lowcountry Waterways to Explore this Spring

    Charleston area is home to some of the best coastal paddling in the South. Here's a guide to the best Lowcountry waterways to explore this spring.

  3. How to Eat on the Trail the Charleston Way

    True backpackers know the importance of a warm, tasty meal after a long day of touring. Here's how to eat on the trail the Charleston way.

  4. Insider's Guide to the Cooper River Bridge Run

    We sat down with a 12 year veteran of the Cooper River Bridge Run to get her thoughts about the largest (and best?) race in South Carolina.

  5. Holy City How To: Hosting an Oyster Roast

    Some cities have backyard barbeques or crawdad roasts. Charleston is home to the oyster roast. A celebration of the Lowcountry, filled with good food, friends, and drinks.

  6. Get High in the Lowcountry: The 5 Best Views in Charleston

    Here is a guide to finding the best views in Charleston, from the Rooftop Bar at the Vendue to the middle of the Ravenel Bridge.

  7. 19 Must-Do Charleston Adventures in 2015

    Here are 19 unique ways to ring in the New Year Lowcountry style, from paddling with dolphins to shucking oysters with friends.

  8. Winter Time at the Washout

    The Washout attracts surfers from all across the Lowcountry, and it only gets better in the winter. Here's how to enjoy it.

  9. Best New Restaurants For Outdoor Lovers in Charleston

    It seems as though an incredible new restaurants open everyday. Here are the best new restaurants for outdoor lovers in Charleston.

  10. Dawn Patrol in the Lowcountry

    Make this winter one that's dedicated to dawn patrol. Wake up early, hit the beach, and catch swells before your boss has gotten out of bed.

  11. 5 Charleston Date Ideas

    Charleston can be a very romantic place. Whether you're going for the traditional dinner date at one of Charleston's many amazing restaurants or mixing things up with a bicycle ride, beach picnic, or sunset stroll, there are plenty of options for impressing your significant other.

  12. An Ode to Wading

    Wading... many images flood the mind at the mention of the word. The sharp grass cutting into your calves, sinking waist deep into rancid pluff mud, wind so strong you can barely cast your line, and gnats as thick as a brick wall when the wind calms down — it's not for the faint of heart.

  13. Halloween in Charleston

    Halloween is almost here, which means there will be plenty of fun things to do in Charleston — a colonial town with more than its fair share of ghost folklore and haunted history.

  14. Lowcountry 101

    Typically, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the lowcountry is the Marsh. Charleston's famed landscape has inspired painters and writers, and has been known to leave many speechless upon their first sight of it.

  15. Catching Swells & Eating Well

    There's no better way to enjoy the wonderful Charleston cuisine than after hitting the trails or catching the swells in the surrounding area.

  16. Tails and Tides

    Captain Henry “Harry” Tomlinson and first mate Fritz (Fritz is a Yellow Lab) have been trolling the shallow tides of Charleston for as long as they can remember.

  17. Alleyways & Corridors

    One of the best ways to explore Charleston is by foot. There are so many hidden paths through ancient alleyways and cobblestone corridors, so many interesting architectural details on the local buildings, and so many intimate insights that simply can't be experienced from a car.

  18. How to Spend a Weekend in Charleston

    Figuring out what to do in Charleston if you only have one weekend can be a pretty difficult task, but with the RootsRated Insider's Guide, you're in good hands.

  19. Why Jones Gap State Park is a Must-Visit this Fall

    Jones Gap is one of South Carolina’s most celebrated state parks. The park is situated near the North Carolina- South Carolina border and the Middle Saluda River and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

  20. Outside Yoga in Charleston

    Charleston's heat and humidity essentially offers a natural hot yoga studio, meaning hot yoga can be outside yoga! outdoors.

  21. 6 Tips for Thru-Hiking the Palmetto Trail

    The Palmetto Trail is a footpath that spans the state of South Carolina. Many people enjoy thru-hiking this trail, and knowing these 6 tips will definitely help.

  22. 3 Places to Watch the World Cup in Charleston

    When the World Cup rolls around, people take to their local pubs for beer & food. Here are 3 places to watch the World Cup in Charleston.

  23. Off the Beaten Path in Charleston

    Getting off the beaten path in Charleston by heading to these uncrowded outdoor destinations is something that all locals should know about.

  24. 5 of Charleston's Best In-Town Summer Destinations

    Check out our Insider's Guide to 5 of Charleston's Best in-town summer destinations, curated by local experts.

  25. First Flush Festival

    Each spring the growth of new tea leaves in Charleston is celebrated with the First Flush Festival. The Avett Brothers will headline this year.

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