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On a good day, Bert's Bar offers some of the best surfing in Charleston... on a good day.

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Logan Waddell

Destination Distance From Downtown

8.1 miles


3 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

All Day



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This spot on Sullivans Island is named for the bar that used to be in front of the access point. Berts Bar is no longer with us, but fortunately surfing conditions have yet to change. Check your favorite surf/weather report, and look for strong NE winds. If you see that these winds have been sustained for a while, you can expect some of the best waves to be found in Charleston at Berts. This spot is excellent on a good day, but you have to watch for the conditions and tides; waves tend to break super shallow during low tide. Odds are if you go out without doing so, the swell, or lack there of, will be choppy and small. Park near station 21 or 22 and head to the beach at the closest public access. Sullivans is notoriously bad about parking, but they make up for it in the amount of access points to the beach. The atmosphere is very friendly, but crowded. If the surf disappears while you’re out, head across the bridge to Isle of Palms, or head to Poe’s Tavern and eat your sorrows away.

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