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A simple 2 mile oval of nearly empty road creates a great training ride for year round cycling.

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Go fast and turn left is a motto in the NASCAR racing series, something the Joe Gibbs race team would know a lot about. From their shop in the Huntersville Business Park, they also get to see a lot of going fast and turning right. They happen to be located on a 2 mile oval (well, kind of an oval) road that is used as a training route by many Charlotte area cyclists.

What Makes It Great

The generally oval-shaped Reese Blvd is the main road around which the Huntersville Business Park is built. The bike lane on either side of the road offers room for runners and riders alike. The fact that it’s an oval allows for the entire 2 miles (maybe 1.75 miles on the inside lane) to be traveled without the hassle of left turns or crossing traffic.

Given its ideal situation, this loop has become very popular throughout the year. During the summer, several area bike groups hold training rides here. This has, in the past, caught the attention of authorities interested in keeping everyone safe. So when you go it’s best to ride in the same direction as everyone else and use a front and back light after dark.

The lack of car traffic after hours helps reduce run ins between riders and drivers. The flat course is also good for those wanting a fast ride. The loop is a great place to practice pack riding without the fear of close automobile encounters

Who is Going to Love It

The loop is often used by local bike shops to take new riders for their first road rides. Separated from busier roads, Huntersville Business Park offers a safe place to learn road and pack riding skills.

More experienced riders use the loop for training, allowing them to train for crit style races with some buffer from typical car traffic.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There are plenty of places to park after business hours in one of the many office buildings here but remember to be respectful of using these lots. Cooperation between riders, runners, and tenants of the park will keep this a valued training location for years to come.

A helmet is also a good idea when riding and the use of front and back lights after dark will help keep you safe.

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Huntersville Business Park - Cycling

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