Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

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Thick burgers covered in a bunch of toppings, huge salads and a varied beer list make for a fantastic after run regrouping spot.

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Big fat patty’s covered in a whole bunch of toppings sitting next to a pile of tots and a cold, local draft beer is why you go to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. With checkered table clothes and stainless steel accents, the hip Dilworth location of the local Charlotte chain is a modern day version of the soda shop from decades past.

What Makes It Great

Yes, Bad Daddy’s is now a chain with locations in a handful of states and you don’t like chain restaurants. But two things for your consideration. First, the upscale burger bar was first conceived right here in Charlotte so at least it’s a native chain. And second, taking Bad Daddy’s off your list of acceptable eateries means not getting to go to Bad Daddy’s.

Arguments over a stalwart conviction to “keep it local” aside, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar has one crucial pillar of credibility that cannot be denied – they make really good hamburgers. The basic burger is thick, juicy, and flavorful enough to stand on its own. But it doesn’t have to. You can choose a BD original like the Sam I Am (burger topped with cheese, ham, pesto, and fried egg) or build your own from an impressive list of toppings that includes buttermilk fried bacon.

You can replace the standard beef patty with bison, chicken breast, black bean, ground turkey or even tuna. No matter which protein you go for they all pair well with a pile of tater tots or sweet potato fries. If you’re of the gluten-free bent, Bad Daddy’s offers a whole menu of options to help you avoid it.

You’ll find bigger, better beer lists in Charlotte, but Bad Daddy’s won’t leave you thirsty. A small collection of local brews joins national and international favorites on tap and in bolts.

Breakfast may not be top of mind when thinking burger bar, but BD’s does theirs just like their burgers. The three egg, build your own omelets come stuffed with all sorts of meats, cheeses, and veggies.

Who is Going to Love It

Although a bastion of greatness for the carnivore, the creators of Bad Daddy’s menu have done an admirable job of keeping most diners in mind. Actual quality choices for vegetarian and gluten intolerant diets make this a great place to take a group with varying needs. But they haven’t forgotten what brought them to the dance either, so meatatarians will not leave hungry.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Bad Daddy's is located on East Blvd at the cross street of Lombardy Circle. Parking can be tight in the popular Dilworth neighborhood. Bad Daddy's has a small parking out back. When that's full, you may have to head down the side streets to find a spot. 

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Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

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