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Bicycle themed restaurant in the heart of Plaza Midwood. Large burgers, sometimes trapped between two grilled cheese sandwiches, top the menu of local, comfort food specialties.

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Kickstand burgers has carved a comfort food niche deep in the heart of the funky little area of Charlotte known as Plaza-Midwood. As the name suggests, the cornerstone of Kickstand’s menu is the mighty burger. Toppings galore and creative mix-ins make it easy to never repeat the same burger twice – if you don’t want to. And the bike-themed décor fits right in given the number of group rides that roll through this part of town.

What Makes It Great

Charlotte is becoming a bike town. So many leaders, official or de-facto, have taken to the streets preaching the good word of the rolling spokes. In Plaza-Midwood, Charlotte’s funky little neighborhood northeast of uptown where hundreds of riders gather every week to tour all over the Queen City, those messengers have a pulpit. Kickstand Burger has placed itself in the heart of Charlotte’s riding community.

Of course, the name is a good indicator of this connection to biking, but so is the décor. Old timey bikes and photos of famous cyclists are visible from every angle. The Dirt Divas, Charlotte’s local all women's mountain bike club, holds their meetings here. And every time someone orders the Booty burger, a turkey burger hiding under pimento cheese, avocado, and jalapeno cilantro spread, the restaurant donates dollars to the 24-hour of Booty program.

But all the support and décor in the world doesn’t keep a restaurant open for long. Kickstand has kicked up the basic burger in so many ways. Their namesake offering is an oddly tasty beef burger seasoned with onions, basil, garlic, and sundried tomatoes then topped with cranberry chutney and baked brie. You can build your own burger, or hot dog, from a good list of toppings, meats, and bun choices. Or, if you’ve noticed that your blood has been whipping through your arteries a bit too fast these days, have ago at the hungover cyclists. That’s a beef patty and tomato slice in between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

If it’s not a burger day for you, the wings and double layer nachos are excellent choices. And the shells and cheese with optional mix-ins will replace every single calorie you obliterated on your morning ride. Balance in life is key.

Of course there’s beer. Not the largest list in Charlotte by any means, but always several good, local, seasonal options and the standard list of regular beer menu stalwarts.

Who is Going to Love It

Of course, burger lovers won’t be disappointed. There’s so much to love from the build your own menu alone. Oh, and tots. Everyone loves tater tots. But there are also more health conscience and meat free options (not free meat, meat free). Veggie burgers and hearty salads hold their own on the menu. Kickstand has created a great space for game day as well. Several large TVs make it easy to see the score and bar booths with individual screens can’t be beat for up-close Panther watching.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There is a sizable parking lot behind the restaurant, but it can fill up as it’s shared by other businesses. Get there early if you want your own TV screen as bar booths are understandably hot property

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Kickstand Burger

1101 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC, 28204
35.221702, -80.819278

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