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Running creekside and over wetlands for almost 6 miles, McMullen Creek is a pleasant place in South Charlotte for a long weekend run or after work jog.

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Rob Glover


5.8 miles

Total length of the greenway is 5.8 mile each way and it's well marked to make choosing a distance easy.

Destination Distance From Downtown

8.5 miles


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Wide and smooth, the greenway presents little difficulty other than it's lenght.

Time To Complete

1 hours

As an out and back, it's easy to spend as much or as little time on the trail as you like.


All Seasons

This is a popular training spot year round.

Dog Friendly

On Leash Only

Fees Permits


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McMullen Creek Greenway is a 5.8 mile, well-shaded escape from the nearby population center that’s grown up along the south end of 485. Mirroring creeks and crossing wetlands, the long piece of trail is the perfect alternative to miles on hot, congested roads. The trail surface, crushed gravel and boardwalks over wetlands, is fast but more forgiving than hardscape. 

What Makes It Great

Park crushed gravel and part pavement, with occasional wood boardwalks traversing wetlands, the nearly 6 miles of greenway is well suited for road running shoes. Even on busy days the wide trail makes room for all visitors. Bikers, joggers, and families all frequent the trail to stay cool under a canopy of trees and be serenaded by the birds and frogs that make the creeks their home.

In typical Charlotte fashion, where a single road can have three names and two roads with the same name intersect, this greenway can get confusing. Beginning at the entrance on Pineville-Mathews Road, is called McMullen Creek. As it turns to make a “U” it becomes Lower McAlpine Greenway (not to be confused with Upper McAlpine / Campbell Creek Greenway). The final stretch is called Four Mile Creek Greenway.

Used to such conflagrations, Charlotteans typically refer to it simply as McMullen. No matter what it’s called, the greenway is a good option for an easy stroll or a getting miles in on a long weekend run.

Traveling over wetlands means lots of opportunities to see the animals that make this habitat their home while transient birds play the natural soundtrack for your run.

Who is Going to Love It

Elite charlotte marathoners and find their way to McMullen. With the ability to get nearly 12 uninterrupted miles, McMullin is a favorite of distance runners for the long run in their training schedule. Plenty of families visit McMullen as the wide greenway is great for baby strollers. And the well marked distances are good for a new runner working their couch to 5K program. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There are several places to park and access McMullen but the easiest to access from  485 is at 3185 Pineville-Mathews Rd. This entrance offers bathrooms and a small exercise area with pull-up bars and the like. Arriving early on nice weekend days will help avoid the inevitably full parking lot. Dogs are welcome but should be kept on a leash and picked up after.

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McMullen Creek Greenway Run and Ride

8135 Pineville-mathews rd
Charlotte, NC, 28226
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