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Riverwalk is an amazing outdoor sports development in nearby Rock Hill, SC. The paved Piedmont Medical Center Trail follows a pretty section of the Catawba river for a pleasant way to get some in a quick run.

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Rob Glover


2.3 miles

The trail will soon be expanding, linking the Riverwalk to Riverpark several miles south

Destination Distance From Downtown

17.5 miles


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The smooth, paved trail has a little elevation change but is generally an easy trail.

Time To Complete

1 hours


All Seasons

Dog Friendly

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The Piedmont Medical Center Trail at Riverwalk is a soon-to-expand 2.25-mile paved surface greenway that follows the banks of the Catawba River. It’s a pleasant place to knock out a four-mile jog, entering the habitat of great blue herons, osprey, and river mammals. But it’s not what the trail is that makes it great. It’s what is was and what it will be that is the real story.

What Makes It Great

Jogging the freshly paved trail that forms a buffer between the erupting Riverwalk community and the gently flowing Catawba River is a nice way to get in some miles. Peeking out at the river and cruising by small stands of trees up and down the moderate hills will calm nerves just as it elevates heart rate.

It is difficult to imagine that just a few years ago this was the site of a large chemical production facility complete with manufacturing sites connected by miles of rusting pipework. Turning brownfield to greenspace, the cooperation of city and private partners are creating one of the greatest extreme site makeovers in the greater Charlotte area.

Besides the 10-foot wide trail, which will eventually connect to River Park, the development includes loads of amenities such as a velodrome, BMX course, mountain bike trails, and kayak launch. Soon, cyclists will have a protected 1-plus mile road circuit to train on and a cyclocross track for racing. For post activity recuperation, the village-like development will offer several restaurants, bars, and even a brewery.

Who is Going to Love It

Right now, anyone looking for an easy 4.5 mile run in a pleasant setting away from car exhaust and road noise will enjoy a trip down to the Piedmont Medical Center Trail. The wide trail brings families and joggers alike. In the near future, as the trail gets longer and the amenities increase, Riverwalk and the Piedmont Medical Center Trail will become an epicenter for actively minded people.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There is a parking lot with bathrooms and street parking on Herrons Ferry Road. Dogs on leashes are allowed. Bikes are asked to keep a 10 mph pace. 

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Riverwalk - Running

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Rock Hill, SC, 29730
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