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The hilly, oak-tree lined streets in Myers Park is a popular place to get in some miles. The roughly three-mile Booty Loop has become locally famous as one of the best routes in Charlotte.

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Rob Glover


3.0 miles

Many will use the loop as part of a longer run or run it multiple time for more mileage

Destination Distance From Downtown

0.9 miles


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There are a few hills and some rough spots of sidewalk, but the Booty Loop is a generally easy place to knock out some miles.

Time To Complete

0 hours

At a moderate 5K pace, the three-mile loop should take around a half-hour to complete.


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Running the three-mile loop through the oak-tree canopied Myers Park neighborhood, with its Tudor and Colonial revival style homes, Gothic churches, and quaint bungalows, is like taking a tour of Charlotte historic homes. And at this popular place to turn in miles, you will never run alone.

What Makes It Great

Myers Park is known for being one of the most idyllic neighborhoods in Charlotte. Tall oaks stretch long limbs over well-manicured lawns. An architectural mix of large Tudors and historic mansions line curvy, hilly roads. And along the pleasant, if sometimes root-cracked sidewalks, joggers from all over the Queen City turn lap after lap on a three-mile route affectionately called the Booty Loop.

Exactly why it’s called the Booty Loop is up for some debate. It most likely little to do with the pirates that horded ill-begotten treasures here – there were none. Most theories suggest the name refers to booties of a different sort, either the hills that kick them or the fit runners and bikers that have them.

No matter the real answer, the Booty Loop is popular. There is not a time of day or of year that doesn’t see runners on the path, making this among the safest places to run around town. If you include the thousands of cyclists that also consider this area a premier training site, you’ll never train alone on the Booty Loop.

Nearby Freedom Park or Meyers Park Church are good starting spots. There's plenty of space here except during church services on Sunday. Beginning here go left from the lot heading South on Queens Rd. Take a right onto queens Rd west and follow it as it bends right and then right again. Finish the loop by turning right onto Hopedale Rd and you’re back to the finish (or the beginning).

Who is Going to Love It

While not the toughest run in Charlotte, this area does boast several steady hills. The Booty Loop is often covered by elite runners and families with jogging strollers, and folks looking to get in a few quick miles after work. This is a great option for any level of jogger hoping for a pleasant place to get in their workout.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

What’s surprising is that the popularity of this loop grew organically, without any particular services to support it. There are bathrooms and drinking fountains available at Freedom Park nearby. Other than that, simply find your favorite parking lot at the park, Church, or area business and go for a run.

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Booty Loop

1501 Queens Rd
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