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  1. Running a Self-Guided 5k Through Chattanooga's Passageways
    Chattanooga's Passageways art instillation is tucked away among the downtown alleys. This 5k route will allow runners to see a unique side of the city that they might otherwise miss.
  2. Insider's Guide to Denny Cove
    Denny Cove, the newest crag in Tennessee’s South Cumberland State Park system, is quickly growing in popularity among climbers all over the Southeast.
  3. A Guide to Chattanooga's Unique Birding Opportunities
    Birders will find that Chattanooga is filled with opportunities to spot both native and migrating birds along the Tennessee River in the hear of the city and at several natural preserves.
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    Whether you're visiting for a week or just a weekend, Chattanooga features plenty of pristine hiking trails close to town. Here are some of our favorites.
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    These outdoor endurance events in Chattanooga will put the best athletes to the test.
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