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  1. The Best places for Winter Climbing Around Chattanooga
    Winter is an excellent time to rock climb in Chattanooga. You'll find fewer crowds, cooler temperatures, and plenty of amazing rock.
  2. Running Around Chattanooga
    From trail running to popular urban marathons, Chattanooga has lots of reasons for runners to visit the Scenic City.
  3. Fall Mountain Bike Rides in Chattanooga
    The fall is the perfect time to enjoy mountain biking in Chattanooga. With more than 100 miles of singletrack within 20 minutes of downtown, cyclists have plenty of options for enjoying some of the best mountain biking in the southeast.
  4. Chattanooga Underground: Explore These Amazing Caves
    The Chattanooga area is home to more than 7,000 caves, and many are excellent places to explore. Get muddy on a wild cave adventure or take a guided walking tour to see an underground waterfall at these top underground destinations.
  5. Dog-Friendly Adventures in Chattanooga
    Bring along your four-legged friend on your next trip to Chattanooga. With dog-friendly parks and restaurants—plus endless hiking trails to explore—the Scenic City is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway with the family pet.
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