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Climb up Signal Mountain before descending into the rolling countryside of Sequatchie Valley along this classic 75-mile loop.

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Rodger Ling


75.0 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

3.7 miles


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Time To Complete

5 hours

4-7 hours


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Mullins Cove Cycling



This 75-mile road bike loop starts downtown, climbs Signal Mountain on the iconic W Road, descends into and rolls through the beautiful Sequatchie Valley, and then follows the river through the Grand Canyon of the Tennessee back into Chattanooga.

What Makes It Great

This long loop can be ridden in either direction, putting most of the climbing at either the beginning or the end of the ride. The rest of the ride is composed of lightly trafficked, scenic country roads through Sequatchie Valley or sleepy, shaded roads that parallel the Tennessee River. It's beautiful! For those wanting a more challenging but shorter ride, the section through Mullens Cove and the river canyon can be replaced with a climb up and over Suck Creek.

Local Tip: Avoid climbing the W Road during peak afternoon and evening commuter hours. Much of River Canyon Road is narrow and often rough with either gravel or chip seal. The surface is safe to ride, but be sure your tires are properly inflated and listen for oncoming traffic.

Who is Going to Love It

Riders accustomed to several hours in the saddle who can tolerate a somewhat jarring ride through the river canyon in return for truly inspiring scenery.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

2 North Shore is where this ride traditionally begins, although you could start anywhere downtown.  

There are relatively few opportunities for a store stop, so bring plenty of liquids and energy food.

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Mullins Cove

301 Manufacturers Road
Chattanooga, TN, 37405
35.063174, -85.314501

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