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Located in the Manhattan-like shopping center of Warehouse Row, Brash Coffee serves up some of the best coffee in town as well as a tough-to-beat atmosphere.

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Ry Glover


Brash Coffee, located in the large, ornate shopping center of Warehouse Row, is an incredible addition to the coffee scene in Chattanooga. The interior of the shop is chic and sleek, featuring exposed brick walls, smooth hardwood floors, and rich mahogany tables, as well as high ceilings and large windows. Everything from the string chandeliers to the delicate and scientific-looking glassware makes the atmosphere feel modern and hip. And while it would be easy to just leave it at that, it wouldn't complete the picture. Because what really makes this place so excellent is the coffee. Simple as that. 
Directly imported from farmers that the owners know firsthand, and then roasted and brewed by the baristas themselves, it's truly a farm-to-table operation. The result is some of the tastiest brew in town. To spare you our inability to discuss the fruitiness or earthiness or chocolatey-ness of their coffee, we'll just say: it's good. Really good. The espresso shots are the best in town, and from 4-5:00 pm are only a dollar each. The Long Black is quite delicious, as is the Pour Over. And the creamier beverages—the lattes, macchiatos, flat whites, etc—are on point as well. 
While Brash doesn't have a food menu (they specialize in coffee, remember?), they do have a small selection of tasty and semi-healthy pastries, including vegan doughnuts and both sweet and savory specialty pop tarts. 
Whether looking for a place to spend a few hours doing computer work or reading, or simply grabbing a cup of Joe to go, you can't go wrong with Brash. 


Brash Coffee

1110 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN, 37402
35.04284, -85.308988

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