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The Flying Squirrel is Chattanooga's world-class bar, featuring great architecture, interior, food and drink, and even brunch on the weekends.

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Fynn Glover


Opened in 2013, next to the Crash Pad hostel, the Flying Squirrel is Chattanooga's world-class bar and an incredible addition to the city's nightlife. 
Maintaining an appropriate mix of dynamic architectural modernism and hand-crafted carpentry, the building itself makes for an excellent place to spend a few hours relaxing and socializing with friends. On warmer evenings, the outdoor patio is great for whiling away the time with a drink in hand, and the interior of the building is just as welcoming — featuring large, comfortable booths, free-standing tables, a long, ornate, wooden bar, and even an upstairs seating area with couches and a nice view of other patrons moving about down below. 
The food is locally sourced to the extent possible, and the menu is small yet innovative and impressive. The garlic fries are an addicting staple. The duck tacos and the Cuban tacos are out of this world. And the scallops and risotto are the perfect protein after a long day. Be sure to top your meal off with the Clumpies' Crash Pad's Delicious Dream — vanilla ice cream with caramel and brownie bits. 
But let's not forget the main reason why you visit the Flying Squirrel: the drink selection. It is a bar after all, and one of the very best in the southeast, featuring carefully crafted cocktails, an amazing beer list that rotates frequently, and also an extensive wine list. All of the specialty cocktails are worth trying, especially the No Muddle Mojito and Infused Lemonade if you're in the mood for something refreshing. There are spirits, which are infused in-house with seasonal fruits and herbs. And there are excellent daily drink specials throughout the week, making it a good place to visit anytime. 
Oh, and on Sundays, they have one of the best (if not the best) brunches in town. Often, there's very good live ragtime music accompanying your ears as you sip on a Mimosa or Siracha Bloody Mary and munch on a breakfast burrito or sweet potato hash. 
All in all, the Flying Squirrel is an absolutely amazing place to visit anytime, whether it's after a long day on the trail or long day in the office. 

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Flying Squirrel

55 Johnson Street
Chattanooga, TN, 37408
35.035602, -85.304218

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