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Lula Lake Land Trust, just outside of downtown Chattanooga, is one of the most impressive destinations in the southeast in terms of beauty. Check out all three of the must-see locations within the Land Trust core preserve.

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There are two trails down to the base of the large falls; the first you come to is steep and difficult, but has been recently renovated. If you continue past this trail there will be a newer trail to the falls that is much easier but longer.

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All Seasons

The core preserve on trust property is only accessible on Open Gate Days. Typically the first and last Saturday of the month, although the trust has been adding days progressively over the last couple years. Be sure to check their website or Facebook page for details and hours. Other parts of the trust, like the Five Points trail system are open daily.

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While there is no entry fee, your donation will help open the trust more often.

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To experience one of the most scenic locations in the Chattanooga area, it pays to plan ahead. Lula Lake Land Trust has breathtaking views around most every corner and over six miles of trails, making it a prime destination for a great trail run, hike or bike. However, the property is only open to the public on Open Gate Days, typically the first and last Saturday of each month, excluding certain holidays. Save the date! You'll be glad you did. If you're not able to visit the core preserve on an open date, check out the trails at Five Points, open daily.

What Makes It Great

The most common way to experience Lula Lake is with a leisurely hike or picnic with family or friends. When hiking at the core preserve at Lula Lake, there are three must-see locations. The first is the upper falls and Lula Lake itself, viewed from an old railroad bed dating back to the 1800s. This lake is as picture-perfect as they come, with a small waterfall feeding into brilliant turquoise waters.

The second location is the lower falls, best viewed from the bottom after descending either a steep and rugged trail, or the new, easier trail. The sight of the falls dropping nearly 100 feet into a huge basin makes it well worth the effort.

A final must-see location is the panoramic vista from the shaded, grassy east brow of the mountain. The route to the top is either a gravel road or hiking trail, both with moderate climbs, but the overlook of the Chattanooga Valley provides ample reward.

Who is Going to Love It

Most anyone capable of a short hike can find something to like about Lula Lake. If you can handle a brisk uphill or two, you just may find yourself in love.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Lula Lake is only 30 minutes from Chattanooga on the eastern edge of Lookout Mountain. Although access to the property is free, donations are accepted for maintenance. 

For more information on Lula Lake Land Trust and a schedule of open gate days and events visit the Land Trust's website, which includes a trail map.

Recent Open Gate Days have drawn over 1,000 people to this area, so plan ahead and carpool if possible. Park only in designated areas. There is a composting privy, but there is no running water or other amenities, so be sure to bring a bottle of water and perhaps a snack.

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Lula Lake Land Trust

5000 Lula Lake Road
Lookout Mountain, GA, 30750
34.921768, -85.385942

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